Certified Business Enterprise Compliance

Pursuant to the Small and Local Business Development Amendment Act of 2009, the Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) compliance function, formerly executed by the Department of Small Local Business Development, is now within the Office of the District of Columbia Auditor (ODCA). ODCA’s Certified Business Compliance Unit is responsible for examining the procurement activities of District public bodies, private sector partners and project contracting entities to the extent those activities are related to the achievement of the goals set forth in D.C. Law 16-33; DC Official Code §2-218.01.

The Auditor assists the government to accomplish the mandate of increasing business opportunities for District of Columbia local businesses by requiring District public bodies to submit quarterly and annual reports detailing their accomplishments in purchasing goods and services from Certified Small Business Enterprises (CSBEs). Private sector partners and projects receiving District government economic assistance are also required to submit quarterly reports to the Auditor detailing their purchases from Certified Business Enterprises and provide proof of local equity participation in District development projects.

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